The wine production in Mértola has historical roots attested by the various archaeological finds found here. The slopes of the Guadiana and Oeiras rivers near Mértola were for centuries terroir of excellence for local wine production, which was then transported in clay amphoraes to Mediterranean lands.

Throughout history the wine culture in the territory has been lost, but in recent times, thanks to the bold spirit of several entrepreneurs, the cultivation of vineyards gained local expression in terms of planted area and number of producers. The result is the production of wines with a creased character that have become one of the best in the region.

Local production is guided by sustainability criteria: it respects the natural values ​​of the territory inserted in the Natural Park, employs mostly local labor, uses own grapes harvested manually and its available in the local markets and supermarkets. For the general public, the wines have been sold in specialty shops all over the country, in gourmet marketd, online and of course in Mértola: in the restaurants and in the small local shops.

Meet the producers, know more about the history of the wines, the shops and the restaurants where you can find the best local wines.

Local Producers
Bombeira do Guadiana – Investimentos Imobiliários e Agro-Turísticos S.A | Rua Dr. Afonso Costa 33 | 7750-352 Mértola | Tel.: 286 612 287 | [email protected]