Mértola is a land of people with history, of museums and heritage, the meeting point of cultures, unspoiled wilderness, a land of unique aromas and flavours. These are also hunting grounds, lands of vast rolling plains and wild nature that stretch towards the horizon, lands of juniper and scrub, undiscriminating shelter to excellent game species such as the red partridge, wild hare and hare. This is a territory with widely recognised hunting traditions, and is known to many as the hunting capital!

Main game species
The Red-legged Partridge, Hare and Wild Rabbit in their natural habitat are the excellent game species found in this territory. Among larger game, the Wild Boar, Deer and Fallow Deer stand out.

The hunting season in Portugal is in the months of August and May, with different periods based on the species.

Tour Suggestions
In total, the area of Mértola consists of more than 100 Hunting Areas. The most frequent hunting methods are: Beating; Still Hunting; Stand Hunting and Hunting Dogs. Cuisine and Hunting: Mértola is top destination of choice for connoisseurs of cuisine related to hunting. Check our local restaurants.

Mértola Hunting Fair (October)