The GR15 Guadiana Route (long-distance trail), with a length of 165 km, is a walking path, sarting at Vila Real de Santo António, in the Algarve following along the Guadiana River. Each place, each village, each landscape, the itinerary travels a vast cultural and natural legacy that reflects the millenary history of this river, the lands and the people that surround it.

Information: TOTAL 165 Kms / CIRCULAR Route | Vila Real de Santo António – Mértola Sector 6: Sanlucar Del Guadiana (Spain) – Orchard – S. Domingos Mine – Mértola (65 kms). | Sector 7: Alcoutim-Mosque-Mértola (37 kms).

Information: 131 Kms / Linear Route Vila Real de Santo António – Mértola / Mértola: Pomarão – S. Domingos Mine (19 kms) S. Domingos Mine – Mértola (25 kms). / For experienced hikers

VRSA connection to the Algarve Ecovia towards Sagres.
Connection in Alcoutim to Via Algarviana (GR13 – 300 km long and connects Alcoutim to Cabo de S. Vicente, crossing 11 Algarve municipalities)
Connection in Sanlúcar del Guadiana to the Natural Way of Guadiana (GR 114)

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