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    Night walk in the old mine land!

    A night course along the smuggling and the old mining tracks. In between there are stories of smugglers and miners. Visit to the Smuggling Museum in Santana de Cambas and have some tapas at the local restaurant/tavern . On the way enjoy the darksky , the stars and the quiet silence of the night! Itinerary: […]

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    Creative Walks ... #02 With Stars

    The walk as a way of knowing landscapes, products, processes, goods, experiences, values and identities of this interior territory. The walk as a process of inspiration and creation. This is a creative and sustainable tourism project developed by the Municipality of Mértola in partnership with local producers, artisans, artists, tour operators and community. THESE ARE […]

    Monte do Guizo Apartado 24, 7750 Mértola
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    Vale do Guadiana Nature Park | Walking Trails

    Explore all the 9 certified footpaths of the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park and discover all the different landscapes of Mértola. Walking Trails Trail 1 Guadiana, The great river of the south Trail 2 The Guadiana Kiddle Trail 3 The banks of the Guadiana Trail 4 Around the “Montado” Trail 5 To the rhythm of […]