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    Creative Walks ... #02 With Stars

    The walk as a way of knowing landscapes, products, processes, goods, experiences, values and identities of this interior territory. The walk as a process of inspiration and creation. This is a creative and sustainable tourism project developed by the Municipality of Mértola in partnership with local producers, artisans, artists, tour operators and community. THESE ARE […]

    Monte do Guizo Apartado 24, 7750 Mértola
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    Vale do Guadiana Nature Park | Walking Trails

    Explore all the 9 certified footpaths of the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park and discover all the different landscapes of Mértola. Walking Trails Trail 1 Guadiana, The great river of the south Trail 2 The Guadiana Kiddle Trail 3 The banks of the Guadiana Trail 4 Around the “Montado” Trail 5 To the rhythm of […]