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    Mértola on Wheels

    Venture on an All Terrain tour through Mértola lands. An opportunity to discover the landscapes and the heritage of this place. Book yourtour with Pureland  Chose one of these 3 itineraries: The Old Mining Route // A trip through the old industrial complex of S. Domingos Mine to the old river port of Pomarão. A […]

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    Mértola Weaving Workshop

    Weaving woollen blankets is one of the region’s oldest traditional arts. At the Mértola Weaving Workshop, a cooperative of weavers continues to keep this tradition alive. The decorative motifs of these blankets are similar to an ornamental style seen in ancient Berber traditions, which is also found in archaeological objects. The workshop includes a store […]

    Rua da Igreja, Mértola
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    Mina de S. Domingos | Mining Heritage

    MINA DE S. DOMINGOS: A BIT OF HISTORY Land of contrasts, the area of S. Domingos Mine has a uniqueness that leaves no one indifferent. The mining area of Santo Domingo, part of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, was from ancient times a sought after place for the extraction of minerals and there is evidence of […]

    Casa do Mineiro Rua de Santa Isabel, 30-31 Mina de São Domingos 7750-146 Corte do Pinto